Swing Kat Dance Instructors

Faryl Codispoti:

Faryl started swing dancing in January of 2002. It wasn’t more than a few months later that other dancers started asking him questions like, “How did you do that move you just did?” “How does that footwork go?”. However Faryl did not officially start teaching until 2004 when asked to be Eastern University’s head swing club instructor. Being a naturally talented dancer caused Faryl to find himself needing to explain the steps & moves he was doing from the very beginning.  Most of those steps  & moves  were never thought to Faryl.  He just saw someone else doing it on the dance floor or just simply made it up.  Needing to explain things he was never taught caused Faryl to see swing dance steps & moves at very elementary levels.  Since he had been a concrete mixer driver/trainer, teaching dance wasn’t fare off.  After a period of time, Faryl became an excellent teacher as his experience in dance grew past just swing styles.   However he sought qualified training as both an instructor and dancer throughout those years and still tries today.

Faryl’s ability to teach so well comes from two main sources. First, he understands that all of his students learn in different ways. Thus, Faryl demonstrates new dance steps variously, explains using different wording, makes dancers think of moves in different ways, uses voice inflections and all manner of other tricks while teaching.  This gives each student the best opportunity to learn. Secondly, Faryl is detailed-oriented and has a tendency to ask a lot of questions when learning, which benefits his pupils. When Faryl learns new dance moves, he can break it down to his students in easy to understand steps.

Before becoming self-employed, Faryl’s previous boss recognized his talent and made him a trainer. Faryl believes that one’s ability to dance is no indicator of one’s ability to teach dance. Some pro-dancers have little to no teaching skills. However, Faryl can both dance and teach!

Michael Clemmer:

Michael started swing dancing in August 2008 just before Swing Kat’s 2nd Anniversary dance with the Boilermaker Jazz Band at the Sunnybrook Ballroom. Over the years Michael had been one of the finest home-made dancer to come out of Swing Kat’s doors.

With Faryl’s gentle prodding, Michael started learning collegiate shag, a dance which Faryl started learning months before Michael started dancing, but Faryl could not continue due to untimely foot injuries. Seeing Michael’s natural abilities, Faryl said “If you will take it on yourself to learn collegiate shag, you could be the authority on this style here at Swing Kat.”  Michael took Faryl seriously because collegiate shag is not only Michael’s favorite dance style but it is also his forte!

Michael has been the head dancer in charge of dance demonstrations, history talks and instruction (private events) off location for Swing Kat.  He has taught swing dancing at Swing Kat, Lancaster Swing Dance Society and other dance events around the region. Now, Michael is the head instructor in charge of our Allentown dance studio location.

Why Learn Swing Dance with Swing Kat Instructors?

Swing Kat Entertainment has some of the best swing dance instructors in the entire Philadelphia area. What makes Swing Kat different? First, our dance instructors understand that everyone learns at different paces and in various ways.  So, they incorporate their years of experience to use the approach that will get you dancing.

Another reason to learn from us is Swing Kat accommodates students around the Philadelphia area with studios in West Chester, Reading, Allentown, and Lansdale. Swing Kat Entertainment’s home studio is conveniently based in downtown Pottstown, PA. Plus, we feature fun DJ dances and live bands which gives you the opportunity to meet students from our various locations, meeting other dancers and lifelong friends.

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