Great Singles Activity – Social Dancing

Great Singles Activity - Social DancingWhat Makes A Great Singles Activity?

Looking for a great singles activity?  If you are single there are lots of groups out there with their sights set on you.  From multi-million dollar on-line dating sites to neighborhood bars everyone is vying for your attention.  The reasons are clear.  But what might not be so clear is what makes a great singles activity.  In 10 points below, I intend to make the case on what I believe makes a great singles activity.  Then in a follow up post I would like to explain why I believe social dancing tops that list.  Let’s do this…

  1. A great singles activity should be fun. What could be worse than going to an event to meet people and it turns out to be a complete bore fest!  When you are bored you can’t be on your “A” game and all you can think is “When is this going to end” or  “How can I make a polite exit”.
  2. A great singles activity should drawl singles from your regional area.  Perhaps there are worse things than a boring event.  Imagine meeting Mr. Wight and finding out he is from a galaxy far far away.  Or what if the event only drew on local singles and it felt like a high school reunion? Yuck!
  3. A great singles activity should NOT drawl in a bad crowd. Unfortunately many singles don’t know where to go to meet other singles.  So, they go with what they know drawls singles and end up in nightclubs and bars trying to meet a good person.  News flash!  Most good people don’t hang out in these kind of places.  Worse yet most people are not themselves after a few drinks loosen them up.  You really don’t know who that person is your talking to.
  4. A great singles activity should be no pressure.  Speed dating, really? A great singles event should not feel like or maybe even be an actual singles only event.  This puts the pressure on.  You know everyone there is on the prowl.  If a guy approaches a lady, she knows what he is up to and is already judging him.  Not cool.  It is much easier to approach a lady and make small talk when she isn’t getting the vibe that you are hunting her.  This is the reason I think an event that includes people of all relationship status is best.  Besides who wants to feel like they are spending their weekends in the meat market?
  5. A great singles activity should drawl singles in your age group.  OK, maybe there could be nothing worse than walking into a room where no one is your age.  You might just feel like you arrived in your birthday suit.
  6. A great singles activity should take you out of your comfort zone.  Really? Yes! There is nothing more flattering on you than a hint of blushing, awkward embarrassed smiles and self deprivation.  It sure beats the heck out of that cocky, raised eyebrow, smooth talkin’ you thought was so impressive.  Yes, humility looks good on you.
  7. A great singles activity should leave you feeling good even if you didn’t get a phone number or meet that special someone.   If you don’t think you could leave an event saying, “Man was that a great night!” don’t go.  You should be doing things you would enjoy even if you were not looking for that special someone.  Life is too short and precious to waste in constant searching.  Do things you will enjoy and let someone come in beside you.  Besides, you will already share a common interest.
  8. A great singles activity should be social.  Enough said?
  9. A great singles activity should be something you would want to share with your friends.  This harkens to some earlier points.  However it drives home just how much you should be enjoying yourself in the process of finding your mate.
  10. A great singles event should drawl a crowd. Nothing like entering an empty room.  The more people you are meeting, the greater your odds.

Now learn why I believe Social Dancing tops the list as the great singles activity, Active Singles And Social Dancing!