Philadelphia Area Dance Class Syllabus

Introduction to Swing

For those who have taken very few or no swing dance classes, our introduction to swing will teach you the fundamentals of rhythm, turns and dance steps. Our introduction swing dance lessons will start every 10 weeks, so get in while you can! Sign up for dance classes!

Beginner Swing    (Endings at an Intermediate Level)

Immediately after you completed intro to swing dance lessons, you graduate into our beginner swing classes. Our beginner swing classes are divided into 5 sessions: jitterbug (fun), lindy hop (very popular), balswing (versatile), Charleston (really cool) and swing line dances . You can start with any session! As an extra bonus, we offer DJ dances that will help you improve your swing dance moves. After you complete our beginner courses, you will have become a solid intermediate level swing dancer.

Each of our sessions focuses on a particular swing style, and they are the following:

Session 1 (Part 1): 50′s Jitterbug: Adding Moves & Positions
Session 1 (Part 2): 50′s Jitterbug: Revisiting American Bandstand
Session 2 (Part 1): Lindy Hop Basics: 6 count patterns & Jockey Charleston
Session 2 (Part 2): Lindy On All 8: 8 count patterns & Tandem Charleston
Session 3 (Part 1): The Balboa: Dancing in Tight Places
Session 3 (Part 2): Balswing: Balboa Meets Swing
Session 4 (Part 1): 20′s Charleston: After the Flappers
Session 4 (Part 2): The Birth of Swing: Before Lindy Hopped the Atlantic
Session 5 (Part 1): TBA:
Session 5 (Part 2): TBA:
Specialty Class: The Shim Sham Shimmy: Popular 30′s Jazz Line Dance

No matter which number session you start, you will become a confident dancer after completing our beginner swing syllabus. Sign up for our next beginner session, today!

Intermediate Swing  - (sorry, still putting this part of our syllabus together)

So, your Charleston can put the “Great Gatsby” to shame. And, you are ready to have a dance off with those kids from American Band Stand. Our intermediate swing lessons are for dancers who have no problem hangin’ with the” Kats” and completed our beginner swing lessons. Sign up for dance classes!

Session 0 (Part 0): The Birth of Swing: Snowden’s Lindy Hop
Session 0 (Part 0): 30′s Jazz Line Dances: The Tranky Doo

Whether you have two left feet or always wanted to learn how to dance, Swing Kat Entertainment will teach you the moves and show you how to grove. From West Chester to Reading to Ardmore, our studio offers dance classes in the Philadelphia area. Swing Kat Entertainment is located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. And soon, we will be offering dance classes in Emmaus, PA, a few minutes away from Allentown.

What makes Swing Kat different from other dance studios? We don’t just teach routines; we show you how to dance. Plus, we make it fun. Sign up for our dance classes today!