Swing Dance Classes – Dance Studio Syllabus

Introduction to Swing (5 or 10 week options)

Looking for swing dance classes?  Look no further!  You have found the most comprehensive syllabus for swing dance classes  ever created & your swing dance classes start here with Introduction To Swing.  This series is for those who have taken very few or no swing dance classes.  This series of classes has a 5 week & 10 week option.  We have provided this option as we know you may just want to check this swing thing out.  However, you will need to take all 10 weeks in order to enter our Beginner/Intermediate syllabus mentioned below.  Our Introduction To Swing dance classes will teach you the fundamentals of rhythm, connection, turns and dance steps.  Our Introduction To Swing dance classes are designed to get you ready for our Beginner/Intermediate Swing dance syllabus.  All of our swing dance classes are designed to be taken while you are attending dance events. In other words, make time to practice by making time to be social and attend our dance events. To help you remember all we have taught, each week we send you a review video on YouTube!  Here is an example of such a video Click Here … Our Introduction To Swing dance classes start only 4 times per year, so get in while you can! Sign up for dance classes!

Beginner/Intermediate Swing

Immediately after you have completed Intro To Swing dance classes, you graduate into our Beginner/Intermediate swing dance classes. These swing dance classes are divided into 5 Sessions: 1950’s Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, Balboa, 20’s Charleston and Collegiate Shag. You can start with any session # as Introduction To Swing gives you the background you will need to enter any session we offer!  Each session or series of classes will run for 10 weeks.   Upon completion we will move to the next Session # (note: Only Session 4A or 4B will be covered before moving on to Session 1).  After you complete our Beginner/Intermediate Swing courses (all session #’s), you will have become a solid intermediate level swing dancer.  Half of our students find that running through the syllabus a second time is required to really fully grasp the material.  We offer these students 1/2 price admission their second time through.

Each of our sessions focus on a particular swing style, and they are as follows:

Session 1: 50’s Jitterbug: Adding Variations, Positions & 8 Count Moves?
Session 2: Lindy Hop: Basic Patterns, Swing Outs & Lindy Charleston!
Session 3: The Balboa: Was Pure Bal ’til Bal Met Swing!
Session 4: 20’s Charleston: Dancing in the Pre-Swing Era!
Session 5: Collegiate Shag: Can You Hang With College Students?
Specialty Class: The Shim Sham Shimmy: Popular 30’s Jazz Line Dance

No matter which session # you start with, you will become a confident dancer after completing our beginner/intermediate swing syllabus. Sign up for our next beginner session, today!

Advanced Swing

So, your Charleston can put the “Great Gatsby” to shame. And, you are ready to have a dance off with those kids from American Band Stand. Our advanced swing dance classes are for dancers who have no problem hangin’ with the” Kats” and have COMPLETED our beginner/intermediate swing dance syllabus. Sign up for dance classes! ***NOTE: Our Advanced Level classes are still being put together.

Session 0: 20’s Charleston: Snowden’s Lindy Hop
Session 0: 30’s Jazz Dance Routines: The Tranky Doo
Session 0: 30’s Jazz Dance Routines: The Big Apple

Swing Dance Classes

Whether you have two left feet or always wanted to learn how to dance, our swing dance classes will teach you the moves and show you how to grove. From West Chester to  Allentown to Reading to Lansdale, our studio offers swing dance classes in the greater Philadelphia area. Swing Kat Entertainment’s main location is in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. And we are now offering dance classes in all of these near by locations!

What makes Swing Kat different from other dance studios? We don’t just show you moves & routines; we teach you how to connect and really dance with someone.  Besides, we make it fun!  Sign up for our swing dance classes today!