Adult Dance Classes in Reading PA

Great Adult Dance Classes in Reading PA!

Looking for adult dance classes in Reading Pa?  Perhaps you have been in the market for dance lessons but are not sure where to start or what type of dance lessons are right for you.  Well, Swing Kat Entertainment has just started holding adult dance classes in Reading Pa!  These classes started in July 2015 with a sold out class of students!  Students range in age, but you will find ages 25 – 60 in most of our classes.  If you are married or single you will feel right at home in our adult dance classes in Reading Pa as both singles & couples are well represented!  Swing Kat based in Pottstown Pa has been teaching vintage swing dance styles since 2006.  Now we bring our years of experience to Reading Pa!

Perhaps you like having fun and have found other adult dance classes in Reading Pa to be well, stuffy…  Well, you won’t find that at Swing Kat dance studios.  First off, swing dancing is a carefree, free-form or street style of dancing.  It is characterized by wild high energy movements that make you feel free and cause you to drop your inhibitions.  Secondly, we encourage fun and keep our classes that way too.  We understand that some students don’t care as much about dancing as they do about just getting out to have a good time meeting other people.  So, we keep our class fun and friendly.

If you have thought about adult dance classes in Reading Pa, swing is where you want to start and Swing Kat is who you want to start with!  Come check us out and meet our very talented young instructor Stephen Mark Cody!

Stephen Mark Cody (striped shirt)

Stephen Mark Cody (striped shirt)