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Last Minute Gift Idea

Need A Last Minute Gift Idea for Christmas?

Perhaps you have been racking your brain trying to figure out a last minute gift idea for that special friend or family member.  Maybe like me you are already a dancer and just didn’t think about how awesome the gift of dance would be whether your friend/family member is single or married.  Well dance is the perfect gift and you can register your special someone right from the comfort of your own home.  Just simply click here Swing Kat Dance Classes.

Swing Kat Gift Certificates

Along with you great last minute gift idea you will be given a Gift Certificate upon your request to present to your special someone.  We save you the work!  Let us help you get that last minute gift taken care of.  Simply register your friend for class using your email address & phone (so they don’t get contacted by us, pay for class and then request a gift certificate.  It’s easy.

Gift Certificates Available Upon Request After Payment Has Been Made.

Gift Certificates Available Upon Request After Payment Has Been Made.

Merry Christmas!

Active Singles and Social Dancing

Active singles and social dancingActive Singles and Social Dancing: A Marriage Made in Heaven

Why are active singles and social dancing such a great fit?  Well, before I answer this question first follow the link below to see what I believe makes for a great singles activity.  I have not been educated in this area of thought.  However my own experience as both a 32 year old single & a social dance promoter over the past 10 years have taught me a thing or too.  That is what I would like to share with you.

Link:  Great Singles Activity

Okay now that you read up on what makes a great singles activity, how do active singles and social dancing line up.  First let me say that when I started dancing I was among the ranks of active singles and social dancing got me married off.  I have watched it do the same for many couples since opening Swing Kat. Social dancing also lifted me out of a deep dark depression which was caused by extreme life circumstances at that time.  It gave me a large group of new friends and broadened my network giving me ample opportunity to befriend and then date those with whom I found interest.

Now point by point let’s see how well active singles and social dancing line up…

  1. Fun.  Social dancing in the styles of Swing is nothing if it is not fun.  It is hard not to smile and laugh the night away as you get your endorphins up and gather with active people looking for fun.
  2. Social dancing though gaining in popularity once again is not like to was in the early 20th century.  You don’t have a few dance halls per small town.  Instead you have a few small towns per dance hall.  Thus people from around your local region dance in the same dance hall.  This gives you the opportunity to meet people you would not meet in your local hangout.
  3. Speaking of your local hangout, social dancing does not drawl in a bad crowd like your local high school bar.  People who go dancing are of a different breed.  They are looking to meet people in a pure environment where they can just be themselves.  Due to alcohol consumption some social dance styles like Salsa dancing can be held in bars which totally changes the atmosphere.  However, styles such as Swing demand people not be drinking as navigating the dance floor gets dangerous.  Thus Swing social dances draw a clean living crowd including many Christians.
  4.  Just the words singles event made me feel pressure as a single person.  Social dances take that pressure away as people no matter their marital status enjoy a great night out mingling and dancing with whoever else is there.  Social dances are not focused on the single people in the room but rather having fun, dancing and making new friends.  Thus the single person can just enjoy themselves in an environment where they also have a great chance of meeting someone else who is also just enjoying themselves.
  5. Active singles and social dancing also fit well together as singles of all ages can enjoy social dancing.  Depending on what style of dance you choose you can find other singles your age out on the dance floor.  Ballroom dancing tends to drawl in an older crowd say 45-85 years of age though in city areas it can drawl a younger crowd.  Salsa & Swing tend to drawl crowds from 15-70 years of age.  Of course these ages vary by venue, but here at Swing Kat we enjoy a very well mixed crowd!
  6. Social dancing definitely will take you out of your comfort zone and this is a good thing!  As you find yourself stumbling over your own feet, grinning nervously, turning red and laughing at yourself you will find that others get more comfortable around you.  They see you as a real person and they find you to be approachable.  Yes humility looks very good on you!
  7. Going social dancing will leave you feeling good when you get home and in your bed.  Even if you did not find someone you had an interest in, you will feel energized.  You’ll have that gratifying feeling one gets when they get home from the gym without having to drag your butt in there.  You will be happy as you just meet a bunch of new people who you can see yourself growing to like even if just as friends.  You will wake to a feeling of joy instead of a hangover.  I remember when I started dancing swing there were few people my age where I went to dance.  I had first gone there in hopes of meeting a gal, but after my first night dancing that all changed.  I had so much fun that meeting someone was actually not on my mind.  All I wanted was more dancing and if that was with women 20+ years older, so be it!  Many people going through life forget to live while they are striving for what they want in life.  You may not ever find that special someone.  I hope you remember to live life to it’s fullness in the meantime.  If finding someone is meant to be, you stand a better chance at a social dance than anywhere else.
  8. Social dancing is as the name suggests, social.  The activities you take part in as a single person should be as social as possible.  If you are an active single and social dancing seems like it could be fun for you, you need to try it.  Think of it as speed dating without the pressure of needing to  impress someone as in point #6.  Each song takes 3 to 5 minutes and you are on to the next gal/guy.  If you liked one, go back and have another dance.  People at social dances say yes 9 out of 10 times to an invitation to dance.  See if you can get those kind of numbers anywhere else.  It is a sure confidence booster!
  9. You will have such a great time out dancing and meeting people that you will want to share this experience with your friends.  There is nothing quite like it.
  10. Every now and then we hold a dance and few people show, but most of the time social Swing dances drawl in a good crowd.  Our DJ Dances tend to bring in 35-65 people on average & our live band events tend to bring in an average of 160-220.  Talk about plenty of opportunity to meet people!  Yet there is one thing I really love about the smaller crowds at DJ dance events.  This is the fact that those who come really get to know each other well.  They become close and they have each others’ backs.  Having this network of friends at the dance will also make you seem somehow popular among your peers making you even more likely to attract the attention of another.

Hope you have seen the value in social dancing.  Active singles and social dancing are really perfect together.  If it were not for social dancing I would not have found such a nice gal & possibly no gal as I was unwilling to do the bar thing. (as I don’t drink)  I could go a few years without a date before finding dance, but I was always dating afterward.   Give it a shot, join us soon.  Calendar of Events

Great Singles Activity – Social Dancing

Great Singles Activity - Social DancingWhat Makes A Great Singles Activity?

Looking for a great singles activity?  If you are single there are lots of groups out there with their sights set on you.  From multi-million dollar on-line dating sites to neighborhood bars everyone is vying for your attention.  The reasons are clear.  But what might not be so clear is what makes a great singles activity.  In 10 points below, I intend to make the case on what I believe makes a great singles activity.  Then in a follow up post I would like to explain why I believe social dancing tops that list.  Let’s do this…

  1. A great singles activity should be fun. What could be worse than going to an event to meet people and it turns out to be a complete bore fest!  When you are bored you can’t be on your “A” game and all you can think is “When is this going to end” or  “How can I make a polite exit”.
  2. A great singles activity should drawl singles from your regional area.  Perhaps there are worse things than a boring event.  Imagine meeting Mr. Wight and finding out he is from a galaxy far far away.  Or what if the event only drew on local singles and it felt like a high school reunion? Yuck!
  3. A great singles activity should NOT drawl in a bad crowd. Unfortunately many singles don’t know where to go to meet other singles.  So, they go with what they know drawls singles and end up in nightclubs and bars trying to meet a good person.  News flash!  Most good people don’t hang out in these kind of places.  Worse yet most people are not themselves after a few drinks loosen them up.  You really don’t know who that person is your talking to.
  4. A great singles activity should be no pressure.  Speed dating, really? A great singles event should not feel like or maybe even be an actual singles only event.  This puts the pressure on.  You know everyone there is on the prowl.  If a guy approaches a lady, she knows what he is up to and is already judging him.  Not cool.  It is much easier to approach a lady and make small talk when she isn’t getting the vibe that you are hunting her.  This is the reason I think an event that includes people of all relationship status is best.  Besides who wants to feel like they are spending their weekends in the meat market?
  5. A great singles activity should drawl singles in your age group.  OK, maybe there could be nothing worse than walking into a room where no one is your age.  You might just feel like you arrived in your birthday suit.
  6. A great singles activity should take you out of your comfort zone.  Really? Yes! There is nothing more flattering on you than a hint of blushing, awkward embarrassed smiles and self deprivation.  It sure beats the heck out of that cocky, raised eyebrow, smooth talkin’ you thought was so impressive.  Yes, humility looks good on you.
  7. A great singles activity should leave you feeling good even if you didn’t get a phone number or meet that special someone.   If you don’t think you could leave an event saying, “Man was that a great night!” don’t go.  You should be doing things you would enjoy even if you were not looking for that special someone.  Life is too short and precious to waste in constant searching.  Do things you will enjoy and let someone come in beside you.  Besides, you will already share a common interest.
  8. A great singles activity should be social.  Enough said?
  9. A great singles activity should be something you would want to share with your friends.  This harkens to some earlier points.  However it drives home just how much you should be enjoying yourself in the process of finding your mate.
  10. A great singles event should drawl a crowd. Nothing like entering an empty room.  The more people you are meeting, the greater your odds.

Now learn why I believe Social Dancing tops the list as the great singles activity, Active Singles And Social Dancing!

Couples Dance Lessons

Swing Is Great For Couples Dance Lessons

When people think of couples dance lessons they often think of ballroom dance lessons.  There is nothing wrong with this thought.  I happen to enjoy ballroom dancing and would recommend it to anyone interested in couples dance lessons.  However most people fail to realize there are many styles of dance from which to pick.  There is ballroom dance, salsa, country partner dances, argentine, polka, zydeco and my favorite of course swing.  Which style of dance you choose to learn should be based on who you are and what you like.

So, if you are considering taking couples dance lessons, first ask yourself these questions.  “Do I like having fun?”  “Do I like social environments where I can meet people and make new friends?” It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, do you like making friends? “Can I laugh at myself when I just don’t get it?”  If you have answered yes, couples dance lessons are a good choice for you!  Now, you should ask yourself some secondary questions.  “Am I a more serious, romantic, proper kind of fun person?”  Perhaps you should try Ballroom, Argentine or maybe Salsa dancing.  “Am I a free spirited, like to laugh, goof ball kind of fun person?”  If this is you perhaps you should try Polka, Zydeco or my favorite Swing.  Age can also be a factor.  If you are younger, Swing dance crowds tend to be younger due to the athletic nature of many Swing styles.  However I have danced Swing with people in their 90’s.  If you are older, Ballroom crowds tend to be older as there are less physical styles you can dance in Ballroom.  Of course everything is what you make of it.  Ballroom can be quite physical as well and a challenge to young people.  Click Here for Ballroom Dance Lessons.

So, why is Swing so great for couples dance lessons?  Well, if you find that you fit the goof ball profile.  Swing is a dance style that thrives when it comes in contact with the goofy, unusual, free spirit.  If one day you have tried all the styles as I have, you will find that no dance style compares to Swings fun factor.  Yet I believe there is an even greater reason Swing should be one of your top picks.  Ladies if you got a man and you want him to like dancing, Swing is the style that will hook him.  There are a few reasons.  One is that music you can Swing to includes early Rock-n-Roll as well as modern Rockabilly music.  We’ll call this the cool factor.  He may find love songs and waltzes to be a bit less manly though I would beg to differ.  He also may not be interested in Salsa music if he is not Latin. Second, if your man struggles to get the beat or get his feet under himself Swing dancing is so lite hearted that he will find it easy to laugh off the situation.  Instead of leaving class in frustration, he will leave as the big oaf you have already come to adore.

So, when considering couples dance lessons, consider Swing!

Sign up for classes Click Here!

Fitness Through Dance

Swing Kat Instructor Faryl Codispoti dancing with Allison Meyer (Photo by: Frank Warner)

Swing Kat Instructor Faryl Codispoti dancing with Allison Meyer (Photo by: Frank Warner)

Finding Fitness Through Dance & Much More!

Hot off the presses, find fitness through dance!  This morning Michilea Patterson the Fit For Life reporter for The Mercury released a story on just that.  The article mentions fitness through dance can be much more rewarding than simply putting yourself through a bunch boring repetitive motion.  Not that dance doesn’t have repetitive motion.  However moving to music lifts ones spirit and connects you with rhythm make fitness through dance much more exciting and fun.  Read the story by CLICKING HERE. Note: In the story there is a quote from myself and an honorable mention of Swing Kat (In the printed version the picture to the right appears).

If you are reading this blog post chances are you already know the above to be true.  You know that fitness through dance is not only possible but also fun at the same time.  You probably also know that no matter your fitness level you can dance.  Then dependent on your level of fitness you can either bust a move or tone it down.  This makes fitness through dance an extremely good choice.  However what you may not know is the full benefit you receive as a partner or social dancer as opposed to a solo or line dancer.

Over 10 year ago now the New England Journal of Medicine put out a report on Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly.  The findings were based on a 20 year study that was conducted.  It doesn’t make for the best read, so maybe you would rather read an article based on these findings by Richard Powers for Stanford University, Use It Or Lose It: Dancing Makes You Smarter.  In essence, the study found that those who find fitness through dance or more specifically through social dancing enjoy the greatest amount of brain health.  Wait, weren’t we talking about physical fitness here?  Yes, but the benefits of social dancing go far beyond just simple physical health.  As a matter of fact those of us who dance socially have the greatest chance of warding off dementia and Alzheimer’s.  If you would like to know why, read the articles.

Yet, as a social dancer you know that the health benefits of social dancing go beyond the physical and mental.  They also extend to the social and spiritual health of those who dance.  Michilea’s story about hits on the spiritual benefits in regards to how you just get this sense of connection to the music.  I believe it goes further and even helps you find joy in your life.  I believe this because when I started dancing I was in a deep dark depression.  Many bad things were happening in my life including my sister’s brain cancer.  Yet I immediately lifted out of that depression when I found dance though my sister was still dying.  It is hard to explain the change, but I knew the difference and I know many of you have felt it too.  How about the social health of those who socially dance.  Well it is social dancing is it not?  More over I have seen dancers in our scene who have social disorders and have watched as their disorders have been worked out by simply immersing themselves in something so incredibly social they would either drowned or have no choice but to learn to swim.

So fitness through dance, well social dancing anyway is serious business.  I hope you will not hide this from your friends.

My Social Calendar

Do something truly social. Dance! w/The Hepcats

Do something truly social. Dance! Band Pictured: The Hepcats

My Social Calendar Involves No-Pressure, Low-Cost, Good Old-Fashioned Fun!

Recently I have been hearing advertisements for a new “on-line” social network called My Social Calendar.  As a business man who deals in the most social activity known to man (social dancing) I thought, “Wow, I got to check this out”.  I mean the name My Social Calendar alone is catchy.  I wanted in.  I wanted our Live Bands averaging 200 people each night to be listed on their website.  I thought it would make a great partnership.  However, when I got to their website I found no links to connect my social calendar with theirs.  Then I was even more surprised to see that they didn’t have any super social events listed.  I was even more put off by the fact that just like all the area singles groups that have existed for years in our area, they put on all of their own events.  No partnerships are offered & no outreach to the local community businesses that deal in social happenings.  My heart sunk.

However I thought maybe I was missing something.  So, I did a quick search on being a My Social Calendar affiliate.  Nope, no luck.  Yet I did find some not so good reviews on Yelp.  These reviews revealed that not only does My Social Calendar not work with local small businesses to put on great events for their customers, they also make their customers sign big expensive contracts.  What if you go to a few events and decide this is not for you?  You are out thousands!

I have a better idea for ya.  Earn the right to say I put social dancing into my social calendar.  Social dancing is well, social.  It is also the greatest way to meet other singles.  Better yet it is low cost, no pressure, a healthy activity and educational all at the same time.  Social dancing changed my life, gave me confidence, gave me good friends, found me a wife and now has given me a beautiful little daughter. As the number one thing you can do for your over all health (studies have proven), shouldn’t you give social dancing a try?  Besides, you won’t believe how fun it is!

Try my social calendar of events by clicking here!

Club 212 Phoenixville

Swing Dancing @ Club 212 Phoenixville PA!

Club 212 Phoenixville has been one of the great hot spots for area residents over the past number of years.  Situated in the heart of the downtown, Club 212 Phoenixville has been one of the many factors rising Phoenixville out of the ashes!  Seeing many of our Swing Kat dancers out for the Blob Fest & Blob Ball over the past years, the management of Club 212 wanted in on the action.  This past Blob Fest threw them over the edge.  So they sought out the only man in town they knew had the answers to what they wanted to know.  That man is our own Chuck Francisco.  Chuck told them he knew just the thing they needed and the rest is as they say, “History”.


Interestingly enough, this is not Club 212 Phoenixville’s first dealing with Swing Kat.  With a new manager the club was not aware that Swing Kat had worked with them in the past through our old salsa partners.  We promoted Salsa Dance events at Club 212 for our salsa partners for a number of years awhile back.  I had heard such great things about the place that when asked to join up with them I didn’t hesitate.  So now you have a new place to dance all your favorite styles of swing outside of Pottstown at Club 212 Phoenixville!  Though this is a new venue, you will see many of your dance friends out for this monthly event.  Mark Di Lullo will be your instructor at every event & you will know your DJs too.  Hope you will take advantage of this mid-week stretch and get loose!


The Tuesday Swing Out!
Club 212 Phoenixville
Every Last TUESDAY of the month
6:30pm – Lesson
7:30-10:00pm – Dance
$5 Admission

*21 & Older


Adult Dance Classes in Reading PA

Great Adult Dance Classes in Reading PA!

Looking for adult dance classes in Reading Pa?  Perhaps you have been in the market for dance lessons but are not sure where to start or what type of dance lessons are right for you.  Well, Swing Kat Entertainment has just started holding adult dance classes in Reading Pa!  These classes started in July 2015 with a sold out class of students!  Students range in age, but you will find ages 25 – 60 in most of our classes.  If you are married or single you will feel right at home in our adult dance classes in Reading Pa as both singles & couples are well represented!  Swing Kat based in Pottstown Pa has been teaching vintage swing dance styles since 2006.  Now we bring our years of experience to Reading Pa!

Perhaps you like having fun and have found other adult dance classes in Reading Pa to be well, stuffy…  Well, you won’t find that at Swing Kat dance studios.  First off, swing dancing is a carefree, free-form or street style of dancing.  It is characterized by wild high energy movements that make you feel free and cause you to drop your inhibitions.  Secondly, we encourage fun and keep our classes that way too.  We understand that some students don’t care as much about dancing as they do about just getting out to have a good time meeting other people.  So, we keep our class fun and friendly.

If you have thought about adult dance classes in Reading Pa, swing is where you want to start and Swing Kat is who you want to start with!  Come check us out and meet our very talented young instructor Stephen Mark Cody!

Stephen Mark Cody (striped shirt)

Stephen Mark Cody (striped shirt)

Bobby White Workshop

Bobby White Workshop with Jen Barnett!

Many of our higher level dancers here at Swing Kat have been asking me about having Pro dancer/instructors come in to teach workshops.  Those who know what I have been through in the past two years, know why it has taken me so long to get to this point (running a business has it’s challenges).  But the day has come and  a Bobby White workshop is very fitting.  bobby whiteBobby White is a great instructor.  There are pro dancers who I wouldn’t say that about.  But Bobby is both an excellent instructor and an excellent dancer.  If we are having a “Bobby White Workshop” than Bobby needs an instructing partner.  Well, not any follow would do this go around.  Instead my long time friend and long time supporter of Swing Kat Jen Burnett offered to come help!  Jen is also a pro dancer and an awesome instructor!  With these two instructors this workshop is going to be something you don’t want to miss!

The Bobby White workshop will happen on August 8th, 2015.  It will include 3 hours of dance instruction in Balboa/Balswing!  Admission of $60. will cover the workshop and your evening dance admission!  The instruction will be Intermediate – Advanced in level.  Dancers should be able to comfortably do moves such as Come A Rounds, In & Outs, Send Outs, Etc.

Sign Up Here…  http://www.swingkat.com/weekend-dance-lesson-workshops/

Check Out Bobby White Here…  http://bobbykate.com/about-us/


Reading Dance Lessons

Reading Dance Lessons Start Off With The Tranky Doo!

It has been a long time in the making, but Reading Dance Lessons are finally here!  In less than 2 weeks, Swing Kat Entertainment based in Pottstown Pa will be opening it’s latest satellite location at the Goggle Works in Reading PA!  The dance studio will be run by no other than Swing Kat’s Stephen Mark Cody.  Mark started dancing at Swing Kat a few years ago and quickly mastered many of the vintage swing dance styles.  Under direction from Swing Kat management Mark has been working on instructing and has proved to excel in not just dance but his ability to teach it as well.  If you have been looking for Reading dance lessons and vintage swing dancing looks like a bunch of fun, don’t wait get in on the action!

Mark Cody 001

Swing Kat though starting it’s Reading satellite with Introduction classes for first time dancers has also decided to do something for it’s higher level students who are within driving distance of Reading.  So, to celebrate the opening of it’s new satellite location, Swing Kat will be offering a 10 WEEK Specialty Session on the Tranky Doo!  The Tranky Doo is a vintage jazz routine from the 1930’s.  It is much like the Shim Sham Shimmy which is very popular in swing dance clubs around the world.  However it is more difficult and includes a longer list of jazz moves.  Knowing the Tranky Doo will make you one popular swing dancer and you can learn it now!

Click Here to register for Swing Kat’s Reading Dance lessons Starting on Thursday July 16th 2015…

Introduction To Swing – Part 1  or  Intermediate Swing (the Tranky Doo)


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