Couples Dance Lessons

Swing Is Great For Couples Dance Lessons

When people think of couples dance lessons they often think of ballroom dance lessons.  There is nothing wrong with this thought.  I happen to enjoy ballroom dancing and would recommend it to anyone interested in couples dance lessons.  However most people fail to realize there are many styles of dance from which to pick.  There is ballroom dance, salsa, country partner dances, argentine, polka, zydeco and my favorite of course swing.  Which style of dance you choose to learn should be based on who you are and what you like.

So, if you are considering taking couples dance lessons, first ask yourself these questions.  “Do I like having fun?”  “Do I like social environments where I can meet people and make new friends?” It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, do you like making friends? “Can I laugh at myself when I just don’t get it?”  If you have answered yes, couples dance lessons are a good choice for you!  Now, you should ask yourself some secondary questions.  “Am I a more serious, romantic, proper kind of fun person?”  Perhaps you should try Ballroom, Argentine or maybe Salsa dancing.  “Am I a free spirited, like to laugh, goof ball kind of fun person?”  If this is you perhaps you should try Polka, Zydeco or my favorite Swing.  Age can also be a factor.  If you are younger, Swing dance crowds tend to be younger due to the athletic nature of many Swing styles.  However I have danced Swing with people in their 90’s.  If you are older, Ballroom crowds tend to be older as there are less physical styles you can dance in Ballroom.  Of course everything is what you make of it.  Ballroom can be quite physical as well and a challenge to young people.  Click Here for Ballroom Dance Lessons.

So, why is Swing so great for couples dance lessons?  Well, if you find that you fit the goof ball profile.  Swing is a dance style that thrives when it comes in contact with the goofy, unusual, free spirit.  If one day you have tried all the styles as I have, you will find that no dance style compares to Swings fun factor.  Yet I believe there is an even greater reason Swing should be one of your top picks.  Ladies if you got a man and you want him to like dancing, Swing is the style that will hook him.  There are a few reasons.  One is that music you can Swing to includes early Rock-n-Roll as well as modern Rockabilly music.  We’ll call this the cool factor.  He may find love songs and waltzes to be a bit less manly though I would beg to differ.  He also may not be interested in Salsa music if he is not Latin. Second, if your man struggles to get the beat or get his feet under himself Swing dancing is so lite hearted that he will find it easy to laugh off the situation.  Instead of leaving class in frustration, he will leave as the big oaf you have already come to adore.

So, when considering couples dance lessons, consider Swing!

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Lansdale Swing Dance Classes

Lansdale Swing Dance Classes

Lansdale Swing Dance Classes are coming to North Penn YMCA’s Lansdale Area Family YMCA this fall!  For many years the Y in Lansdale has hosted ballroom style dance lessons through the Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dance Center run by Vivian Beiswenger.  Vivian a long time associate and friend of mine called me this past spring to let me know she was letting the program go.  This would mean that many ballroom dancers would be left without an outlet for learning dance in the Lansdale area.  She didn’t want this and thought that if anyone could pull off holding the program together it would be me.

Like I said the Y in Lansdale has been the home of ballroom style dance lessons.  So having Lansdale swing dance classes will be something new added to the mix.  In the ballroom styles of dance you have East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing, however these are not the styles we handle in Vintage swing dancing.  Our styles include Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Balboa, Charleston and Collegiate Shag.  So Lansdale swing dance classes will be something totally new for the dancers of the Lansdale area.  Our Lansdale swing dance classes will take place on Tuesday evenings.  Be sure to keep your eyes open as we start to post these classes and give details!

We have the ballroom style dance lessons covered as well through Lynn Kettenburg of Victory Fitness & Dance Center Inc. in Emmaus PA.    Lynn has agreed to run Monday evening ballroom dance lessons for the Lansdale Area Family YMCA.  This is great news as the dancers that currently support the Y’s dance lessons are ballroom dancers.  This should help us get Lynn’s lessons off the ground quickly!

So, are you ready for Lansdale swing dance classes?  Click here for more information on our Lansdale Dance Studio.  Also be watching our Classes Page for the first scheduled classes!