Couples Dance Lessons

Swing Is Great For Couples Dance Lessons

When people think of couples dance lessons they often think of ballroom dance lessons.  There is nothing wrong with this thought.  I happen to enjoy ballroom dancing and would recommend it to anyone interested in couples dance lessons.  However most people fail to realize there are many styles of dance from which to pick.  There is ballroom dance, salsa, country partner dances, argentine, polka, zydeco and my favorite of course swing.  Which style of dance you choose to learn should be based on who you are and what you like.

So, if you are considering taking couples dance lessons, first ask yourself these questions.  “Do I like having fun?”  “Do I like social environments where I can meet people and make new friends?” It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, do you like making friends? “Can I laugh at myself when I just don’t get it?”  If you have answered yes, couples dance lessons are a good choice for you!  Now, you should ask yourself some secondary questions.  “Am I a more serious, romantic, proper kind of fun person?”  Perhaps you should try Ballroom, Argentine or maybe Salsa dancing.  “Am I a free spirited, like to laugh, goof ball kind of fun person?”  If this is you perhaps you should try Polka, Zydeco or my favorite Swing.  Age can also be a factor.  If you are younger, Swing dance crowds tend to be younger due to the athletic nature of many Swing styles.  However I have danced Swing with people in their 90’s.  If you are older, Ballroom crowds tend to be older as there are less physical styles you can dance in Ballroom.  Of course everything is what you make of it.  Ballroom can be quite physical as well and a challenge to young people.  Click Here for Ballroom Dance Lessons.

So, why is Swing so great for couples dance lessons?  Well, if you find that you fit the goof ball profile.  Swing is a dance style that thrives when it comes in contact with the goofy, unusual, free spirit.  If one day you have tried all the styles as I have, you will find that no dance style compares to Swings fun factor.  Yet I believe there is an even greater reason Swing should be one of your top picks.  Ladies if you got a man and you want him to like dancing, Swing is the style that will hook him.  There are a few reasons.  One is that music you can Swing to includes early Rock-n-Roll as well as modern Rockabilly music.  We’ll call this the cool factor.  He may find love songs and waltzes to be a bit less manly though I would beg to differ.  He also may not be interested in Salsa music if he is not Latin. Second, if your man struggles to get the beat or get his feet under himself Swing dancing is so lite hearted that he will find it easy to laugh off the situation.  Instead of leaving class in frustration, he will leave as the big oaf you have already come to adore.

So, when considering couples dance lessons, consider Swing!

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The Pottstown Swing Dance Remains

Swing Kat Remains a Pottstown Swing Dance Studio & Venue

It appears at least for now that Swing Kat Entertainment will remain a Pottstown swing dance studio & venue.  Over the past year it appeared that Swing Kat would be shutting the doors to it’s Pottstown swing dance venue and reopen in Spring City, Pa.  Then more recently it appeared as though the move would be to Collegeville, PA.  However, the more things change the more they remain the same.  Pottstown swing dance classes & dances will indeed remain in Pottstown for the time being.

Last Thursday with only a month and a half before our deadline to relocate an agreement was reached with the owner of 310 E High St for Swing Kat to remain in Pottstown.  Recognize the address?  Yes, the place we call the Ballroom On High, our long time home will remain our home for the foreseeable future.  This means that come March 31st we will not be out on the street again searching for any little hope we can find.  What I know at this point is that we will remain at our current location until at least the end of September and perhaps longer.  This is not a permanent fix but a welcomed calm in the midst of a storm.  Of course it makes me very happy to remain where this all started nearly 9 years ago.

Since we can breath a sigh of relief, I have shifted my focus (but only halfway) to securing locations for our satellite studio locations in West Chester & Reading as well as finding homes for our satellite dance events which will happen in Allentown & Lansdale.  However, half of my focus still remains on finding a once and for all answer to our need for a permanent location.  It again is my desire to make the statement “Pottstown swing dance” remain true as Pottstown has been our home.  There is more cooking than I can say right now, but I will let you know when the time is right. More to come…

Swing Kat from Pottstown PA

Moving Swing Kat from Pottstown PA

Moving Swing Kat from Pottstown PA to Spring City is proving to be a knock down drag out fight.  However it is a fight we will endure to its end.  I had a  big meeting this week with the Spring City Borough Manager, their Engineer, their Codes Enforcer, their Lawyer, my Lawyer and my Architect.  As you can imagine, it is costly to bring a group like this together and Swing Kat is paying the bill.  Needless to say moving Swing Kat from Pottstown PA to Spring City is getting more expensive by the day.  At this meeting I learned that the cost for a yes or no answer on whether or not we can proceed with our plans is now going to cost between $10 & $15k.  I also learned about a number of more obstacles that are standing in our way.  This thousand dollar meeting has left me with more questions than I had before we had the meeting.  However, we are getting closer to the answers.

I know it has been awhile since my last update on moving Swing Kat from Pottstown PA.  The reason is that it took nearly a month to put together this meeting which finally happened yesterday.  As I said we now know about more obstacles that stand in our way.  Each one of these obstacles unfortunately has the power to stop our move of Swing Kat from Pottstown PA.   However for the first time I feel like we have clear direction on how to proceed from here.

Here are the obstacles that currently stand in our way…

1.  Because it has been 100 years since this building was last sold, the buildings zoning is listed as Un-Certified.  What we were told this could mean is that even the slightest change in Use could cause us to have to comply with much greater code issue such as elevators & sprinkler systems.

2.  Spring City has an unofficial moratorium on EDU’s right now from the Department of Environmental  Protection.  This is due to their sewer system needing to be upgraded.  They have begun this process however it will not be complete for a few years which doesn’t help us.  If the DEP requires us to have more than 1 EDU for our building it will end our ability to move forward.

3.  Because we will need parking and have plans to put in a parking lot, we need to find out if the Planning Commission will require us to submit formal plans or not.  If they do require this, the cost of preparing these plans, fees related to the process and time this process takes will all end this process for us.  The only way around this would be for us not to put in a parking lot.  However that would hurt us in our bid to get over the final obstacle.

4.  Lastly, we need to get through a variance hearing as even with our new parking lot, we won’t have the required amount of parking.  We will have roughly half the parking required by the codes book.  This is no small matter and will be a tough road.  There are more issues than just the number of parking spots.  There is also the fact we can’t provide a driveway wide enough to meet the code.  As well as the fact we can’t afford to pave the lot which is also required along with other issues.

At this point we have spent over $4,000 of the $5,077  we raised for our move this past summer.  So, I am now starting to pull money out of my own pockets, the money we were going to use to take care of the codes issues and parking lot once the borough gave us the go ahead.  So, we need to continue raising money through 50/50’s, tea shirt sales and whatever else we can think of.

Here is one more important note.  Spring City is in favor of us moving Swing Kat from Pottstown PA into their borough.  I have received nothing but kindness and well wishing from the community, the borough employees and borough council.  Many have asked how they can help and others have already helped.  Hopefully the obstacles don’t stop us.

I will continue to follow this lead to it’s end (rule #2 in partner dancing) and see where it goes.

Swing Dance Lessons Around The Philadelphia Region

Swing Dance Lessons

How did we come to a new focus on swing dance lessons?  Swing Kat Entertainment has just come out of a large transition which has forced us to re-examine our mission in the greater Philadelphia area.  When Swing Kat was founded in August of 2006 the goal was simple, make a place to dance an hour north of Philly where I (Faryl) lived. Driving to Philadelphia, York Pa and Washington DC just to go dancing for a night was really starting to wear on me but my love for swing dancing & Swing dance lessons was not fading.  My closest option was the Philadelphia Swing Dance Society in Mt Airy.  Often this drive took between 55 & 75 minutes due to heavy traffic.  The drive home was often a sleepy accident waiting to happen.  But nothing compared to the drives home from York or Washington DC.  Thus Swing Kat was born!

At the beginning Swing Kat was all about holding swing dance events not swing dance lessons (other than the swing dance lessons before each dance event).  However due to the fact we had a monthly rent to pay and that the Ballroom On High mostly sat empty throughout the week, we soon expanded our program to include swing dance lessons, then ballroom dance & 1st Friday Mix events, then ballroom dance classes, then salsa & country dance events, then salsa classes and Argentine Milonga Dances.  In the end we added private rentals of our beautiful facility and split everything that didn’t swing from Swing Kat and re-organized it under Ballroom On High LLC.

With our move from the Ballroom On High came a new chapter and a whole new set of ideas and directions in which to go.  No longer was it possible to hold weekly swing dance events due to our high standard in venue choices and the cost with which they could be secured.  It was time to seek out a new direction and formulate new ideas for the future of Swing Kat Ent.

Swing Dance lessons in your area!

Swing Kat Entertainment’s goal still remains the same, to provide swing dance events in the Pottstown region.  This goal is met through our 1st Saturday DJed Swing Dances & our 3rd Saturday Live Band Events.  However, our goal has expanded in the area of swing dance lessons and classes.  Our goal between now and January 2015 is to add 6 new locations where you can learn to swing dance!  We know that many in our dance family cannot make it to our dance lessons in Pottstown during the week or on Tuesday nights. Many of you drive to Pottstown the way I used to drive to Philly for our events.  So, Pottstown is just to far for most of you.  However, If you live within 90 minutes of Pottstown (which most of you do) you will now have Swing Kat swing dance lessons within 45 minutes of where you live!  The towns in which you will find us by January of 2015 are as follows; Allentown, Ardmore, Reading, West Chester, New Holland and Souderton!

By June of 2014, our first two new dance studios will open.  We have already secured a facility in Emmaus near Allentown and in a new dance studio opening in Ardmore hopefully.  Our instructors for these locations have been selected and will be announced shortly.  We currently have been in talks with a total of 4 dance instructors who are all on board to make this new direction for Swing Kat a reality! That makes 5 really awesome dancers/instructors who not only know their stuff, but know how to teach it as well.

Hope to see you in class by 2015!

New Year! New Swing Kat!

Swing Kat Logo

New Swing Kat Logo!

How about a new Swing Kat logo?!  This new logo has been professionally made and captures what we feel we are about.  Swing Kat is a place for people to have FUN in a friendly, high energy environment.  We love the history of our art of dance and we believe this logo captures all of these things.

New Swing Kat Website!

Our new and improved Swing Kat Entertainment site has more features than ever. With just a few clicks, you are immediately transported in the world of Swing Kat. We now have an updated calendar that will show you upcoming swing dance classes located all around the greater Philadelphia area.  Our new website has also been configured to fit nicely with our new Swing Kat logo.  Again, carefully watching details to make the website fit our dance styles history and energy!  You can find info on exciting events such as DJ dances and live bands. Plus, you can find out more about “the behind the scenes of Swing Kat” in our about us section. Meet our instructors who will transform you into a better dancer.

New Swing Kat Locations!

Pottstown, West Chester, Reading, Ardmore, Allentown, New Holland and Lansdale have been selected as great areas for the expansion of Swing Kat’s mission to spread Swing dance around the Philadelphia area region. Some of these locations will open this year!

Stop by our new Swing Kat main location in Pottstown, PA, and check out the fun. We will see you on the dance floor!