Club 212 Phoenixville

Swing Dancing @ Club 212 Phoenixville PA!

Club 212 Phoenixville has been one of the great hot spots for area residents over the past number of years.  Situated in the heart of the downtown, Club 212 Phoenixville has been one of the many factors rising Phoenixville out of the ashes!  Seeing many of our Swing Kat dancers out for the Blob Fest & Blob Ball over the past years, the management of Club 212 wanted in on the action.  This past Blob Fest threw them over the edge.  So they sought out the only man in town they knew had the answers to what they wanted to know.  That man is our own Chuck Francisco.  Chuck told them he knew just the thing they needed and the rest is as they say, “History”.


Interestingly enough, this is not Club 212 Phoenixville’s first dealing with Swing Kat.  With a new manager the club was not aware that Swing Kat had worked with them in the past through our old salsa partners.  We promoted Salsa Dance events at Club 212 for our salsa partners for a number of years awhile back.  I had heard such great things about the place that when asked to join up with them I didn’t hesitate.  So now you have a new place to dance all your favorite styles of swing outside of Pottstown at Club 212 Phoenixville!  Though this is a new venue, you will see many of your dance friends out for this monthly event.  Mark Di Lullo will be your instructor at every event & you will know your DJs too.  Hope you will take advantage of this mid-week stretch and get loose!


The Tuesday Swing Out!
Club 212 Phoenixville
Every Last TUESDAY of the month
6:30pm – Lesson
7:30-10:00pm – Dance
$5 Admission

*21 & Older