Fitness Through Dance

Swing Kat Instructor Faryl Codispoti dancing with Allison Meyer (Photo by: Frank Warner)

Swing Kat Instructor Faryl Codispoti dancing with Allison Meyer (Photo by: Frank Warner)

Finding Fitness Through Dance & Much More!

Hot off the presses, find fitness through dance!  This morning Michilea Patterson the Fit For Life reporter for The Mercury released a story on just that.  The article mentions fitness through dance can be much more rewarding than simply putting yourself through a bunch boring repetitive motion.  Not that dance doesn’t have repetitive motion.  However moving to music lifts ones spirit and connects you with rhythm make fitness through dance much more exciting and fun.  Read the story by CLICKING HERE. Note: In the story there is a quote from myself and an honorable mention of Swing Kat (In the printed version the picture to the right appears).

If you are reading this blog post chances are you already know the above to be true.  You know that fitness through dance is not only possible but also fun at the same time.  You probably also know that no matter your fitness level you can dance.  Then dependent on your level of fitness you can either bust a move or tone it down.  This makes fitness through dance an extremely good choice.  However what you may not know is the full benefit you receive as a partner or social dancer as opposed to a solo or line dancer.

Over 10 year ago now the New England Journal of Medicine put out a report on Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly.  The findings were based on a 20 year study that was conducted.  It doesn’t make for the best read, so maybe you would rather read an article based on these findings by Richard Powers for Stanford University, Use It Or Lose It: Dancing Makes You Smarter.  In essence, the study found that those who find fitness through dance or more specifically through social dancing enjoy the greatest amount of brain health.  Wait, weren’t we talking about physical fitness here?  Yes, but the benefits of social dancing go far beyond just simple physical health.  As a matter of fact those of us who dance socially have the greatest chance of warding off dementia and Alzheimer’s.  If you would like to know why, read the articles.

Yet, as a social dancer you know that the health benefits of social dancing go beyond the physical and mental.  They also extend to the social and spiritual health of those who dance.  Michilea’s story about hits on the spiritual benefits in regards to how you just get this sense of connection to the music.  I believe it goes further and even helps you find joy in your life.  I believe this because when I started dancing I was in a deep dark depression.  Many bad things were happening in my life including my sister’s brain cancer.  Yet I immediately lifted out of that depression when I found dance though my sister was still dying.  It is hard to explain the change, but I knew the difference and I know many of you have felt it too.  How about the social health of those who socially dance.  Well it is social dancing is it not?  More over I have seen dancers in our scene who have social disorders and have watched as their disorders have been worked out by simply immersing themselves in something so incredibly social they would either drowned or have no choice but to learn to swim.

So fitness through dance, well social dancing anyway is serious business.  I hope you will not hide this from your friends.