Swing Kat – Static Stickers Are Here!

Swing Kat Static StickersStatic Window Sticker

Hey everyone!  Swing Kat car window static stickers are finally here!  Show your support of Swing Kat and help us spread the word about the joy of swing dancing.  Get your static sticker at our next dance event for only $5.  These very stylish and well designed stickers will be available at all of our swing dance events as long as supplies last.  So don’t delay!

How to apply static window stickers

You may need to know how to apply static window stickers.   So here are some helpful hints.

1. First off if the sticker is square, but the image is not (as is the case for our stickers) take a razor blade and cut off the access material about an eighth of an inch around image.  This step is not necessary however it does make for a nicer look.

2. Now clean the window glass on the inside of the window.

3. Most importantly! Before you put your sticker on the INSIDE of your car window, spray the area with water.  Wetting the area and then applying the sticker will allow you to push out all of the air bubbles and adjust the position of the sticker.  ***Note: the picture above shows the logo done using this method while the lower website address was placed on the dry window.

4. Next, take the sticker and peal it off the paper and flip it over back onto the paper.  The paper will help you place the sticker on the window more accurately.

5.  Adjust and push out the air bubbles.

*Note: Static stickers can be removed even years after application with no mess or damage to your window!

Now enjoy your way cool static sticker and spread your love for dancing!