Learn to Swing Dance? Why?

Why learn to swing dance?  First, swing dancing is very versatile. Since it has been influenced by many forms of music, swing dancers can apply their moves to “old school” tunes or even modern day club, pop and rock songs. Learn to swing dance? Really? Yes!  Swing dancing is also a form of partner dancing. So, you can meet new people, make connections and form a tight social community of friends. Learn to swing dance! Being the most athletic of all forms of partner and social dancing, swing dancers also find themselves losing weight, feeling healthier, adding longevity and independence to their lives!  Due to skills obtained and the social aspect of swing, many more who deal with issues of confidence, social awkwardness and depression find themselves renewed into a much more vibrant life.

Studies have shown that social dancing is the number one thing you can do for your overall health and swing dancing is the top of that list! Do you need any more reason to learn to swing dance?

Need a reason to learn to swing dance with us?  Our well thought out syllabus ensures you will have a complete knowledge of swing dancing and not learn by piece mail. We don’t just teach you patterns or routines; we teach you how to connect with your dance partners and make it feel natural. We also understand that many of our students learn to dance or take dance lessons just for the fun of it, so we keep the mood light and enjoyable.

Swing Kat Entertainment is based just outside Pottstown, Pennsylvania. However, there are Swing Kat classes near you! From West Chester to Reading to Allentown to Lansdale, our Swing Kat dancers and students are from all over the Philadelphia area!

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Think Smart: If you have trouble climbing a flight of stairs, you should not try swing dancing. Forms of ballroom dancing would be a much better starting point for you since some of these styles require less physical endurance.