My Social Calendar

Do something truly social. Dance! w/The Hepcats

Do something truly social. Dance! Band Pictured: The Hepcats

My Social Calendar Involves No-Pressure, Low-Cost, Good Old-Fashioned Fun!

Recently I have been hearing advertisements for a new “on-line” social network called My Social Calendar.  As a business man who deals in the most social activity known to man (social dancing) I thought, “Wow, I got to check this out”.  I mean the name My Social Calendar alone is catchy.  I wanted in.  I wanted our Live Bands averaging 200 people each night to be listed on their website.  I thought it would make a great partnership.  However, when I got to their website I found no links to connect my social calendar with theirs.  Then I was even more surprised to see that they didn’t have any super social events listed.  I was even more put off by the fact that just like all the area singles groups that have existed for years in our area, they put on all of their own events.  No partnerships are offered & no outreach to the local community businesses that deal in social happenings.  My heart sunk.

However I thought maybe I was missing something.  So, I did a quick search on being a My Social Calendar affiliate.  Nope, no luck.  Yet I did find some not so good reviews on Yelp.  These reviews revealed that not only does My Social Calendar not work with local small businesses to put on great events for their customers, they also make their customers sign big expensive contracts.  What if you go to a few events and decide this is not for you?  You are out thousands!

I have a better idea for ya.  Earn the right to say I put social dancing into my social calendar.  Social dancing is well, social.  It is also the greatest way to meet other singles.  Better yet it is low cost, no pressure, a healthy activity and educational all at the same time.  Social dancing changed my life, gave me confidence, gave me good friends, found me a wife and now has given me a beautiful little daughter. As the number one thing you can do for your over all health (studies have proven), shouldn’t you give social dancing a try?  Besides, you won’t believe how fun it is!

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