The Pottstown Swing Dance Remains

Swing Kat Remains a Pottstown Swing Dance Studio & Venue

It appears at least for now that Swing Kat Entertainment will remain a Pottstown swing dance studio & venue.  Over the past year it appeared that Swing Kat would be shutting the doors to it’s Pottstown swing dance venue and reopen in Spring City, Pa.  Then more recently it appeared as though the move would be to Collegeville, PA.  However, the more things change the more they remain the same.  Pottstown swing dance classes & dances will indeed remain in Pottstown for the time being.

Last Thursday with only a month and a half before our deadline to relocate an agreement was reached with the owner of 310 E High St for Swing Kat to remain in Pottstown.  Recognize the address?  Yes, the place we call the Ballroom On High, our long time home will remain our home for the foreseeable future.  This means that come March 31st we will not be out on the street again searching for any little hope we can find.  What I know at this point is that we will remain at our current location until at least the end of September and perhaps longer.  This is not a permanent fix but a welcomed calm in the midst of a storm.  Of course it makes me very happy to remain where this all started nearly 9 years ago.

Since we can breath a sigh of relief, I have shifted my focus (but only halfway) to securing locations for our satellite studio locations in West Chester & Reading as well as finding homes for our satellite dance events which will happen in Allentown & Lansdale.  However, half of my focus still remains on finding a once and for all answer to our need for a permanent location.  It again is my desire to make the statement “Pottstown swing dance” remain true as Pottstown has been our home.  There is more cooking than I can say right now, but I will let you know when the time is right. More to come…