Reading and West Chester Dance Studio Locations

West Chester Dance Studio

Well, the search is on for Reading PA and West Chester dance studio locations.  This Tuesday friend and dance customer Richard Thompson and I spent all day trying to find a home for Swing Kat’s West Chester dance studio satellite location.  We had fun searching, but as the day went on we found we were quickly getting no where!  Now Richard has seen first hand why finding a home for our main location in Pottstown has been such a struggle.  For our West Chester dance studio finding a location is way easier as we only need a space to hold 15 couple & we don’t need it on the weekend when prices are higher.  However as Richard can attest, it is still not easy.  However after running down 22 leads, we did come up with one place that might work.  The best part is that it could work for not just classes but also for a monthly dance as well.  Again, the key word is might.  If I have learned anything in the past 2 years, it is that you should not count your chickens until they hatch.  After a full day of working on my little project, Richard took me out to see his little project.  Check out the picture in this post.

Richard T. in front of his little Project.

Richard T. in front of his little Project.

Reading Dance Studio

So Tuesday I spent all day in West Chester.  Then came Wednesday and Reading PA.  In Reading I had a bit more luck.  The first place I went to opened it’s doors to us!  However, I have to consider the location and it’s challenges.  The first challenge is that it is in the heart of Reading PA.  Though it is in a good spot, people from outside the city (our largest supporting crowd) believes Reading to be unsafe in the evening hours.  Yes, there are areas to stay out of at night, but this is not one of them.  I have learned from living in Pottstown for so many years that the areas to avoid are the neighborhoods and the edges of housing areas.  Where people are living, dealing and stomping can be dangerous at times.  However this location is surrounded by parking garages, churches and large newly constructed commercial buildings.  Best part is that the parking garage is right next door and only costs $1 for 2 hours, WOW!  However it is important to do your homework and explore all options.  So, I spent the rest of my day in the Reading area chasing other leads.  After entering about 20 buildings, I left Reading with only one option, the first place I looked at.  However I am going to continue searching in Reading just as I am in the south for a West Chester dance studio location.

Stay posted!  These satellite studios will be up and running by late spring early summer!